Wal-Mart Doubling Their Veteran Initiative Hiring Program

Wal-Mart is expanding their commitment to hire 100,000 veterans. Now the company says by the year 2020, they’ll hire 250,000 honorably discharged veterans.

According to the executive vice president for logistics, Chris Sultemeier, the skills veterans provide is extensive, and the company is very pleased with the 8,000 hires, some who they have already promoted.

“Veterans want to work. They show initiative and veterans are already disciplined and adept to teamwork. They’re committed with strong work ethics,” said Sultemeier, a former Army veteran. “Our expectations for our associates, and the teachings of the military creates a good match.”

Nate Waits, a former Marine, works at the Bentonville distribution center in Arkansas, and says he likes his early schedule and working a structured day.

After completing his active duty tour, Waits picked Arkansas to settle down because it was affordable, although the area offers limited employment opportunities. Waits says Wal-Mart’s veteran initiative can genuinely use his skills according to Adam Sender.

“I’d rather work hard for a company that wants me,” Waits said.

Amazingly Talented Businessman Haidar Barbouti Houston Restaurant A Booming Success

Houston Texas-based business investment icon Haidar Barbouti owns the prestigious Highland-Village Shopping Center. It has become a main highlight of Westheimer Road. Barbouti has managed numerous commercial real estates, especially in bustling Houston, Texas area. His specialty is in commercial acquisition development. Haidar has been managing commercial properties for over twenty years as a professional proprietor.

The unequaled success of Highland-Village Shopping Center is Barbouti’s best achievement. He took over ownership of the business in 1991. The original decades-old building has received a modern update since Barbouti became the broker and manager. He’s been involved in several international businesses but remains directly connected to the ones he’s acquired in the U.S. He brought his exquisite business designing models to the competitive U.S. market in 1986. He’s since added multiple enterprises to his portfolio of Barbouti family real estates. He’s got an eye for rich taste for commercial properties ranging from condominium conversions to shopping center development. Barbouti is an involved humanitarian with a particular focus on helping unfortunate animals and children. With his help, rehabilitation for both is possible. He’s donated resources and time to realize a better future for everyone.

His iconic shopping center Highland Village houses a variety of business, including the Up Restaurant owned by him. Among the collection are Crate and Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, Anthropologie and Pottery Barn. The restaurant mix includes RA Sushi-Bar, a Benihana concept variety, Escalante, and Smith and Wollensky. Barbouti is a known brand throughout the populous Houston community. He’s reserved retail space within the shopping mall to facilitate a full-service veterinary adoption center. Barbouti donates to other charitable events as well. He’s a respected businessman and humanitarian.

There’s the question of why Barbouti started a restaurant. He’s successfully managed the Up Restaurant, which is an epitome of Barbouti culture. His approach to management is a profound strategy that’s not explored by other restaurant business extraordinaire. He’s involved in the day-to-day operation of the spectacular Up Restaurant. It’s a stellar creation designed and based on Barbouti architecture. Barbouti runs the restaurant with high expectations to treat customers to exceptionally tasteful dishes. They’re prepared by professional, decorated 21st-century chefs. It’s no surprise that the extraordinarily famed Up Restaurant is doing so well. Barbouti seems to have the “Midas Touch.” Every business he pursues become a success. With his amazingly profound talent of reorganizing and restoring even the meanest looking properties, he promises endless possibilities.

I Learned How Much My Dog Likes Beneful

It’s not very easy to own a dog, and I learned the hard way. My dog is a pit bull, and I love him from his head down to his four legs. I take my dog on walks everyday, and sometimes I’ll let him sleep in my bed. I know its not the best idea to have my dog sleeping in my bed, but he keeps me company, and he makes me feel safe. One day, I noticed that my dog was not as joyful as he used to be. My dog would lay down for long periods of time, and he found it hard to get up and go. Even a dream dog park couldn’t get him to change.

I was very worried about my dog, so I knew a visit to the vet was not far behind. I waited a few more days to see if his condition would improve and when it didn’t, I made sure to take him directly to the vet. The vet said that the dog had worms and on top of that, the dog had not been eating properly. I was very depressed because I thought I was caring properly for my dog, but it looks like he got worms anyways. I was given medicine that would help take care of the worms, and I was told to feed my dog better food.

I took the veterinarian’s advice and a few suggestions on Facebook, and decided to buy Beneful, which is supposed to be a very tasty brand of dog food. I felt guilty about the fact that my dog wasn’t enjoying her meals, and I blamed myself. I didn’t wait any longer, I went straight to the Purina website and bought the dog food as well as filling his medication. Within a week I could see a difference in my dog’s behavior and he became more energetic. I know that getting rid of the worms was not the only reason why he felt better.

After feeding my dog Beneful on a daily basis, he would run towards his food bowl every time I opened the bag of food. My dog enjoyed the food so much, I thought I would try the wet brand of dog food. It didn’t matter what kind of dog food I bought, he ate all of it and he loved it. My dog is now healthier and happier since I’ve started feeding him Beneful, and I would never switch to another brand dog food ever again.

Is Buying Used Online the Best Option?

You might be looking at a brand new piece of jewelry or a purse that’s made by a high end designer. The brand new ticket price on the item is higher than you can afford and so you consider buying the item used. Many people find that buying items used allows them to save money and still get the specific item that they want. Unfortunately, Skout reports that some individuals who are buying used products online find that they are left with something that truly looks used or is simply not the item it was listed to be in the first place. Buying used items through the Internet can sometimes be deceiving, and this is why it pays to do diligent research before getting anything.

The reason buying items used online can sometimes turn into a huge waste of money is because of the fact that people can lie and deceive online as opposed to people selling something used in an actual store. You aren’t able to pick up and take a good look at the item when buying it used online, so the pictures taken of the product are the only things you have to let you know what it is. The most important thing about buying used items online is to purchase them from a site that is highly reputable and has a very easy return policy if something was wrong with the item you have purchased.

Dan Newlin: A Champion of the People

Dan Newlin has established a superior reputation as a top American lawyer. He started out working in law enforcement in Indiana and later he relocated to Orlando, Fl where he became a Sheriff’s Detective. Newlin later became a fugitive detective and his help led to the apprehension of hundreds of criminals. He was awarded for his work and he graduated from law school at Florida State in 2000. He now operates a successful licensed law firm that serves the state of Florida and Illinois.

Newlin has a reputation as a strong personal injury lawyer. He recently made headlines in a case where he won 100 million dollars for a teen with brain injury. Newlin said that the important part of this case was that when the person who was at fault for the teen’s injury gets out of jail, he will still be responsible for paying a portion of his wages to the brain injury victim. Newlin believes that this should send a message to gang members. This case has set records for having a 100 million dollar verdict.

Dan Newlin gained attention for making it easier for people to call his office by creating the #Dan feature. By pressing #Dan the phone automatically dials his office without dialing any more numbers. Newlin negotiated with all the major telecommunications companies in order to make this feature universal.

Newlin has a project that allowed children battling cancer to meet former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield. Newlin is known for making time for sick children often and organizing charities. Newlin has also met the President of the United States, the former president, and has maintained many relationships with his law enforcement colleagues. He also helped bring REO Speedwagon to Orlando for a free concert downtown and he has flown with the blue angels.

Dan Newlin also spoke about a well publicized case where Mr. Krutsinger was severely permanently injured and he was neglected by his insurance company. Newlin said that he believes it is wrong for the insurance companies to try and withhold benefits. Dan Newlin is a real attorney, a good person, and a true American.

Sultan Alhokair’s Hunt for the Perfect Retail Company

After the rise and fall of popular crowdfunded websites dons the emergence of professionals like Sultan Alhokair. Graduating from Northeastern University, Sultan is currently affiliated with Valia Investments, Retail Group of America, and Angel Investing. Risk analysis companies assess how much money should be given to companies in the preliminary stages of resource and position management. These early stages are often called “seed stage startups” by investment companies. Angel Investing relies on the expertise and experience of employees like Sultan Alhokair to make the important decisions about which companies to choose.

Risk analysis is a huge part of an investment company’s decision to give authorization for investors to take the next step. Employees with finance experience collect data from startup businesses and analyze the possible loss and gain both companies will face during the process from beginning to the distant future. Project Managers attend presentations organized by prospective companies. Oftentimes, the companies with the most detailed and convincing presentation are chosen over the less prepared company also looking for investment opportunities. Retail Group of America relies on Sultan to not only sit in on company presentations, but also find contestants who could potentially be the company to work along side several other fashion retailers already affiliated with the Retail Group of America.

Sultan Alhokair’s resume goes back farther than Retail Group of America. He also served as an Intern for the Fawaz Alhokair Retail company based in Saudi Arabia. He created an online presence for the company where he learned to find prospective companies through technology and social media. More and more investment companies are relying on the influence and speed of the internet to compete with other companies in the mission of compiling a quality investment portfolio. Financial employees are able to effectively use multiple tools simultaneously in a method to find candidacy faster than their competitors. Without the expertise of financial analysts and angel investors understanding how to employ a set of multi-faceted skills like Sultan Alhokair, the coupling of businesses with the right investments and investment partners would crumble.

Tesla Motors is Getting Ready for Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Buying a car is about to become a entirely different experience thanks to a ruling passed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The new law will once again allow direct sales of vehicles to consumers which was banned by several state laws and supported by General Motors (GM).

The new ruling by the FTC is something Tesla Motors is planning to take advantage of. Tesla cars have been unable to break the market wide open because they have not been allowed to sell direct-to-consumer, causing the price of the car to be way above budget for many Americans. The FTC explains that the ruling was not made in favor of Tesla, but rather in defense of all car dealers who will benefit from direct-to-consumer sales.

Twitter.com users say that automakers will no longer be bound by strict regulations and will be able to sell their vehicles however they want. This change will encourage growth in the car industry by the increase in competition that is bound to occur. The new ruling will benefit the consumer the most because both automakers and dealers will want to make their vehicles as affordable as possible in order to keep up with other price points on the market.

The CEO of Telsa, Elon Musk, promised his innovations would change how the world drives and the ruling by the FTC will make it much easier for Musk to fulfill his promise.

Hush Money

The cable company Comcast has a pretty rough track record when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. Over the years, the company would be brought with certain grievances and customers would expect a swift action plan. Customers never seemed to get a solid response from the company and reconciliation, if there was any, would take literal years for customers to see. The company did plan on doing a complete overhaul. They eased tensions between customers by letting them know that they were doing their best to make the situations right. Representatives said that they were going to essentially gut the company from the inside out and make the customer the top priority. This eased tensions but not for long. The cable company started to backslide into its old ways. Ronald Cameron and his wife were charged $600 for a cable box, which no longer belonged to them, over a course of many years. Just recently, the cable company got into contact with the Camerons and agreed to give them back their refund but only if they were willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Ronald knew that this wasn’t right and went to a local Philadelphia broadcast station instead. Ronald played the voicemail for camera crews and viewers clearly heard how Comcast was trying to buy Ronald’s silence with his own money. Ronald refused to sign the agreement and instead found solace in telling the world about the company’s tricks. During an interview, Ronald stated, “If it costs me $600 bucks to make sure this never happens to anyone again, then it was worth it.”

Thanks to Ivan Ong for showing me this story.

The Secret To Being A Billionaire, Obsession

A recent interview of former wife to tech Billionaire Elon Musk turned on one simply question. What is the secret to becoming a billionaire? Gianfrancesco Genoso is amused to find that Justine Musk did not hesitate and said that most billionaires share the same trait, they are obsessed. It does not matter what they are obsessed with, they simply engage the gift of focusing on a single purpose and never giving up on that purpose. They take persistence to an extreme that is almost unnatural and beyond the realm of normal human behavior. In this state, everything and everybody is a means to an end and every waking moment is designed to conforming to the vision that only they see in their minds eye. They do not care they no one else understands them and it is this reason that those that are truly successful in achieving their vision cherish nurturing relationships that help them grow even further into their dreams. Obsession is Secret to Billions

Conformity is a blasphemous word to them and they seek their dreams at costs that others would never pay. They are alone on their on mountain top and they seek even further heights. All of society benefits from their vision but ironically, many of these beneficiaries are the same people that will condemn the dreamers as they rise to the top. They know each other by sight by the sweat equity they have spent and they understand each other and the purpose that drives them to be who they are.

Frugal Living: Yes, There Really Is A Free Cell Phone Plan

They say nothing in life is free, but of course, we know that’s not the case. There are freebies to be found everywhere. Even in the high priced world of cell phone plans, you can actually find a plan that is free. Yes, the free service is incredibly limited, but even bumping up to a decent plan will only run you $20 a month. That’s a steal by anybody’s definition.

According to this review, FreedomPop truly is a free mobile phone service. Here’s how it works. When you sign up for free service, you get a very basic plan. There is a zero monthly fee (that’s right, zero) plan that includes 200 minutes, 500 text messages, and 400 megs of data. Most people will get beyond that pretty quickly, and after the caps you are charged one cent per minute.

The best deal however, is to hop up to the unlimited monthly plan. FreedomPop offers unlimited talk, text and data for only $20 per month. The unlimited data is actually for real, except only the first GB is delivered at LTE speeds. After that, you are limited to Sprint’s 3G network. If you can live with those speeds, you can save some serious cash.

Another service FreedomPop offers is unlimited wi-fi for just five dollars a month. You access it via the FreedomPop App. Then you can log in to over 10 million hotspots, some exclusively for FreedomPop users. The number of hotspots is increasing too. By the end of April, FreedomPop plans to have over 25 million FreedomPop National Wi-Fi HotSpots available. Big companies like Starbucks, Burger King and Best Buy will be included in the network. At $5 per month, it is by far the lowest priced unlimited wi-fi plan on the market.

For those who want to live frugally, FreedomPop is a great alternative to traditional cell phone, data and wifi plans. You can save real cash by signing up. If you are serious about saving money, FreedomPop will allow you to get rid of your land line, your cable, and even your home internet. Check it out!