China’s Biggest Shopping Day

China’s biggest shopping day really created some awesome revenues for the big companies in China. The company that really made headlines was the ever popular and well known Alibaba Group. BuzzFeed reported that the Alibaba Group brought in over $9 billion dollars in revenue. This is amazing for a company to really make in just one day.

This Chinese shopping day was created by Alibaba’s CEO. It is easy to see why Alibaba is benefiting from this shopping day. Chinese expert Keith Mann explained that this day would be equitable to American’s Cyber Monday. China’s shopping day is much bigger than Cyber Monday however, making it the biggest shopping day in the world according to world revenues. It really looks like the Chinese marketplace is becoming more and more of a world super power in this global economy. It will be amazing to see the growth of this Chinese shopping day and what it brings in the future.

Closing the Doors

When so many businesses plan to open on Thanksgiving, one company, according to CNN, Costco is planning on letting its employees stay home and be with family the entire day. Companies should follow along with the ideas of Costco in giving their employees the day off. If the business wants to open, then consider opening in the morning so that everyone can be home in time for dinner. There will be enough madness at stores the day after Thanksgiving, so workers should get a chance to rest while they can.

Many grocery stores will open on Thanksgiving morning, but they close by noon or one in the afternoon. Stores want to make as much money as possible. I’m definitely siding with my neighbor Susan McGalla on this one, the almighty dollar has taken over the family life of people who work in retail. When work interferes with spending time with your loved ones on a holiday and a store can’t take one or two days off during the year, there is something wrong.

Fingerprint Sensors Soon To Be In Credit Cards

For years payment methods have been the same. Cash, credit, and debit have been the traditional ways to pay for your goods. In the past few years NFC technology has become more prevalent and begun to roll out in retail stores. NFC stands for near field communication, meaning it transfers data between two devices simply by being close to each other. Now you can find NFC terminals in fast food restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. They are integrated into regular card swipe terminals, so it can be easy to miss them.

Primarily NFC terminals are used by iPhones and Android phones like FreedomPop to make mobile payments. Using services like PayPal or Google Wallet you can pay for things with just your phone. Simply hold the phone near the terminal and it will transfer the money for you. Now this technology is being introduced directly into credit and debit cards. Contact free cards are meant to make payments more convenient. It also makes them more secure as your thumbprint is unique to you.

MasterCard is set to release a contact free card in 2015. It will feature a fingerprint scanner and NFC sensor in a package the same size and look of a standard credit card. In order to make a payment, a customer has to place their thumb on the scanner and hold the card near the terminal. The card does not need its own power source, as it draws power from terminals when transactions are made. Of course in the case that a store does not have an NFC powered terminal, the card will still swipe as a regular credit card.

Get A 4th Generation iPad For Only $300!

Just found this deal on DailySteals, for the next 24 hours you can get a 4th generation iPad for only $300. It’s the 16gb version, so you’re looking at the least amount of available room. But you can’t beat that low price for a really good tablet.

But make sure that you hurry, because it’s going to be gone soon. This is a perfect time to start getting your Christmas shopping done. I’ll let you know if I see any other major Apple products for sale. Watch this space.