Save Money & Be Healthy With Advice From Daniel Amen

Daniel Amen, MD has become a leading proponent of better diets for overall health. He knows that the people who are struggling to make it every month are going to have a hard time eating well. He has come up with a diet plan that is going to help people make the most of the budget they have to work with. Don’t forget to check out his writings for the Huffington Post or one of his bestselling books.

Simplify Everything

When Daniel Amen speaks about this diet, he is talking about simplifying everything. He wants the poor to understand that their diet does not have to be that complex. They can make a few simple changes to make sure that they are healthy.

Water And Skim Milk

Many people think that skim milk does not taste good, but a reduced intake of skim milk is going to help people remain healthy. Also, drinking more water is going to help to keep the family healthy. Daniel Amen knows that skim milk is the same price as regular milk, and he knows that people can use it just the same. Simply drinking water from the tap regularly will allow people to have cleaner systems.

Fruits And Vegetables

People can buy frozen fruits and vegetables so that they can cut down on the costs of purchasing them. They can store these items for months, but they will still have all the nutrients that they need. People should not avoid fruits and vegetables simply because the fresh versions are expensive.


The grains that Daniel Amen says will help are all very cheap. There are many grains such as barley that are so inexpensive that people can buy them in bulk over and over again without feeling the effects in their budget. These grains are very filling, and each bag has many servings in it. This is important so that people can maximize their budgets.

When people need help trying to stay healthy, they need to take a look at Daniel Amen’s diet. This diet is going to make it much easier for kids to do well in school, adults to do well at work and for the poor to remain healthy.

For more from Daniel Amen, you can follow him on Twitter. Also check out this video where he talks about the best foods for your brain!

Jones set to close 127 stores

The women’s clothing retailer Jones New York has announced plans for a major overhaul of the brand that will include the closing of all 127 outlets the company operates around the US, reports. The supplier of work wear and sportswear is featured in malls and outlet stores across the northeast and in many other areas of the US, but will now begin winding down its operations in physical locations across the country. It remains unclear about the fate of the Online and other operations of the brand, which include a dedicated website and sales of clothing in other department stores and sports stores.

A spokesperson for the brand and the Morins stated a review of operations had taken place before the final decision was made to restructure the operations with the closure of the physical locations. Jones New York will continue to ship clothing and accessories to the majority of their stores until Summer 2015, when the closure of the stores will commence.

Gone With a Flush


When you think about toilet paper, you probably think about simply throwing it down the toilet. One suggestion is to make bigger cardboard rolls and smaller pieces of paper. This is an idea that would waste money for those who use a large amount of toilet paper. On the other hand, it might make people realize how much they use on a daily basis, saving paper in the long run. When you go to the store, look at the toilet paper section, and you will see that some companies have started using less paper and more packaging and cardboard that you aren’t able to use. One idea is to pull apart the sheets so that you can have twice as much paper, and you will spend less money on the paper that you get. Marc Sparks, a notable saver, showed me this technique. Sometimes, it seems like all people do is flush money down the drain.

Herald the Avengers Toys!

Toy collectors, young and old, have something new to look forward to. Toys from the new Avengers film are headed for store shelves. New versions of Iron Man and Captain America along with the Hulkbuster suit are soon to be flooding into retail stores. I will be looking on Zoominfo for more information about these superhero toys.

Should this come as a surprise?

Toys based on superheroes have been perennial big sellers, especially with my friend Berardo Chua. Anyone who remembers the Mego fad of the 1970’s or the Secret Wars toys of the 1980’s or the Fox Spider-Man action figures of the 1990’s will attest to this. Nowadays, superhero toys are among the biggest of the big sellers thanks to the wild popularity of superhero films. With Avengers: Age of Ultron shaping up to be the summer event of 2015, it is no surprise that a major push to promote toys related to the film is beginning.

Some may wonder why the toys are hitting stores in the winter when the film does not come out until May. The answer is you want the toys in place on shelves as quickly as possible. That way, once the mania for the new film swirls, the toys will be bought up.

The toys also serve as a promotional tool for the film. Just like the long-forgotten concept of lobby cards, toys are used to catch the eyes of people walking in and out of retail stores. The presence of the toys helps keep the hype for the movie alive albeit in a low-key manner.

The toys are also critical to the financial success of the film. Without additional revenue from toy sales, $200 million films with $100 million marketing campaigns would never be financially solvent.

I Had The Choice Of Skout , Or Choosing To Be Lonely

I’m a loner by trade. I work on a job where I’m always alone, I live alone, and I even eat alone when I go out. Not to say I don’t have friends, but I have so little time for myself, that I haven’t taken time to solidify any real friendships. I began to get very lonely, but I wanted to socialize with others, but had no idea how to meet anyone else when I’m alone all the time. I chose to go on Skout, because I read many good things about the network over the internet. I joined the network one weekend.

I set up a profile, and decided to add a picture of myself, so others could see me for who I really was. Unfortunately, who I really am, is not very impressive, but maybe somebody won’t mind that! I wasn’t looking for love, I was really looking for a friend, and if love happened to come along, I didn’t mind. After I checked out the company Twitter, and commenced signing up for the account, I began doing searches for people in my area to talk to. After talking to a couple people, I realized why I never had friends in my area, the people were just annoying, and boring!

I decided to switch up things, and find another way to talk to other people. I didn’t limit my search to my specific area, I decided to let it be anywhere in the world. This was a fateful decision, because I ended up meeting someone from the UK, who I now can call a good friend. Me and this other person spoke regularly on Skout, and the day I chose to call them my best friend, is the day they sent me a virtual gift. A virtual gift can be purchased using Skout points, and sent to anyone you choose.

I actually felt appreciated and really good, after receiving the gift from this friend. I returned the favor, and sent a virtual gift to the friend, as well as sending greetings once in a while. This friend and I decided that meet over the summer when I get to take some vacation time. The friend is someone that I talk to every time I go on Skout. Had I limited myself to my specific area, I never would’ve found such a great friend. Skout is such a great network to find people from many other countries.

More Security Issues For Major Retailers

The world of crime is always going to be there. It seems that there is no way to get away from people that just want to steal from other people. It never ceases to amaze, the length that some people will take to steal from other people. Skout users say that this has been going on for thousands of years. As soon as somebody had something that somebody else did not have, crime was created, namely theft. A person wanted something that somebody else had, and did not want to get it the same way the original person accuired it. What was that first thief thinking? I’ll just take this and that other person will not care. seems that is what they are thinking.

It does not really matter anyway, theft has evolved into somewhat of an artform, at this point in our history. Electronic theft is all the rage right now. It seems victimless and inane because thieves do not have to rob their victims at knife point. It is still theft and the victum feels very violated and insecure. It takes a little while to get over being victimized by something like this. I know, I was a victim. Worst part is nobody seems to care. I know it sounds weird, but I went through this process and finding people that knew what to do was rare. I believe it is better now. I hope I never have to find out.

Product Recognition: A New Marketing Strategy

As 2014 comes to a close, many business owners are busy devising their marketing strategies for 2015. Since this is the case, company leaders who are interested in optimizing their potential in the coming year should note that the inclusion of product recognition strategies in their marketing campaign could prove efficacious. These days, more and more online advertising experts are acknowledging the identity-boosting role that product recognition services can have, and the formation of a clear company identity is almost always an integral and inalienable component in effective marketing. To learn more about how you can use product recognition strategies to improve your brand’s identity and visibility in the online sector, consider the information found below:

Product Recognition: Mastering The Basics

Oftentimes, people hear the term “product recognition” yet have only a vague understanding of what the phrase references. However, understanding what the term “product recognition” incorporates is not difficult. In short, product recognition is a marketing process that involves using several techniques and strategies to ensure that members of the client’s target market become increasingly familiar with the business’s brand. Up until this point, product recognition strategies have included things such as web design and development, social media optimization (SMO), strategic naming, and promotional products. These days, however, product recognition has taken a very technological spin such that it incorporates a plethora of new modalities.

The Importance Of Product Recognition

Product recognition is immensely important for several reasons, one of which is that it functions as a very effective branding modality. In short, product recognition is all about devising and implementing marketing techniques which increase brand familiarity. Once a prospective client becomes more familiar with a specific brand, she or he is much more likely to make a purchase, become a loyal customer, and even become a brand ambassador. Because product recognition is a process that is in essence about effective branding, it is oftentimes called “brand recognition.”

Types Of Product Recognition

As mentioned earlier, traditional forms of product recognition have included things such as strategic naming and social media marketing. Something as simple as a print ad displaying the brand’s logo and motto also constitutes a form of traditional product recognition. These days, however, the world of product recognition has taken a technological spin and incorporates techniques such as physical advertising recognition. Although defined broadly, physical advertising recognition is basically a process in which a marketing company enables the client’s prospective customers to take a photo of a product they’re interested in via mobile site or brand app. Once the photo is taken, the prospective client can access detailed data about the product and then purchase it. Physical advertising recognition is just one of many product recognition techniques. Some of the others include visual relevancy engine, snap to buy, and tag and display for social campaigns.

Slyce: A Product Recognition Company

With years of experience in the marketing industry, the professionals of Slyce are passionate and precise in providing customers with cutting edge, contemporary advertising services that will increase their visibility and boost their conversion rates. In recognizing the power and prestige of product recognition, the Slyce staff has gained extensive expertise and experience in this sector in order to offer clients the best services possible. As a holistic, all-inclusive marketing company, the professionals of Slyce are happy to offer customers every type of product recognition service available, including but not limited to tag and display, snap to buy, and physical advertising recognition.

Getting Started

As the year 2015 gains momentum, company leaders who are ready to excel need to have an absolutely amazing marketing campaign in place. By utilizing the professional product recognition services of Slyce, you can get your business off to an exceptional start this year and garner the public interest that you want!

Can’t Find The Right Gift? Science Says Buy Them A Gift Card


If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member, scientists say that you may be putting in too much effort. Everyone likes to imagine their hard work and thoughtfulness being rewarded with a thrilled look on the recipient’s face. Unfortunately, a new study shows that this isn’t likely to be the outcome.

My coworker Bernardo Chua said that one study found that in most cases, the received gifts commonly weren’t even close to what recipients really wanted. In another study, when researchers looked at consumer data, they found that gift cards were what people wanted most. It has also been found that while gift-givers agonize over the ideal gift, recipients are considering what they need or want. As many of us know, there’s nothing that facilitates this like a gift card.

These findings are especially true of picky gift recipients or those who never know what they want. Buying gifts for these people can be incredibly hit-and-miss, and both parties wind up disappointed. Choosy or indecisive recipients are much more likely to refer a gift card.

Of course, not everyone prefers gift cards. Fortunately, there is a much simpler path than struggling to decide which your recipient wants. You could just ask them. It’s better and easier than guessing, and your recipient is more likely to be satisfied with their gift. In a separate study, it was discovered that when someone truly likes their gift, they don’t particularly care how much effort you put into choosing it. They’re too busy being happy.

Create Your Holiday Gift List with has all the gifts you need to make your holidays complete, claims one article. Whether you have family members like Sam Tabar with a sweet taste, a preference for savory foods or a “hunger” for electronic gifts, has you covered.

Creative gifts like matcha milk tea are best for individuals who love savory and rich flavors. The spread goes on toast and bagels and tastes very similar to green tea. For a sweet tooth, mini short bread cookies from Carla Hall are especially delicious. Flavors like lemon black pepper and Mexican hot chocolate are available.

Electronic gifts like the Egg Minder are also thought presents for the holidays. The app lets you know when your eggs are running low, and sends notifications to let you know when eggs are going bad. Phone covers that look like ice cream or French fries also make great gifts, and are available at Gap Kids.

Check out for more inventive gift suggestions this holiday season.

Get Those Last Minute Gift Orders In Now!

If you want to get creative gifts for your friends and loved ones this year, has some great suggestions. Whether you want to get an edible gift or two for family member or need to find techie presents that your friends will love, you’ll find what you need on the website, and can even easily share ideas on Facebook.  Investors like BRL Trust have made that system possible.

Mini shortbread cookies from Carla Hall, in flavors like lemon black pepper and Mexican hot chocolate, are tasty stocking stuffers. The cookies also make a great addition to your holiday spread if you’re hosting guests this year. For an edible gift that will stand out, give matcha milk tea. This spread has a rich, green tea flavor that is delicious on bagels and toast.

Electronic gifts include the Egg Minder. This app lets you know when eggs are running low, or when some eggs in the dozen are going bad. The aroma fork is another great gift, because it gives off pleasant food aromas like chocolate or bananas. This makes for more enjoyable meal time, especially when eating veggies.