Kim Kardashian Maternity Bras

Every girl needs a good go to full coverage bra, our bodies may all be different but any woman with ample breasts knows the struggle of flimsy bras at the wrong time. Being pregnant is one of the hardest times to buy a bra, because your breasts are constantly changing. One minute you are a comfortable C cup and the next a DD, it is both confusing and frustrating to accommodate an ever changing pair of breasts. Brad Reifler wrote that Kim Kardashian knows better than everyone these days that finding a good bra is one hard thing to deal for a woman to tackle.

Recently Kim was making her way through LAX on her way to Cannes, when her super tiny shirt refused to stay put, her cleavage was more than exposed, and of course photogs were snapping away the entire time. Once the photos hit the internet, it actually looked as if Kim wasn’t wearing a shirt at all. She was holding her jacket together, and trying to pull her top up at the same time and still the world got a full shot of her breasts.

It’s no shock to see Kim was shopping for bras this weekend in London at Rigby & Peller. Apparently Kim took some time to go to the shop and look for a some much needed support for her growing breasts, of course Kim is still keeping it sexy in her second trimester so she’s not looking for just anything to hold the girls up. Kim should totally write the book on maternity wear, for sexy moms on the go.

New Robotic Vending-Style Grocery Store To Be Built In Des Moines Iowa

Ever had a craving for Oreo cookies and a cold glass of milk at 3 a.m. only to realize that your local grocery store was closed? If you live in Des Moines, Iowa this will no longer be a problem. A new robotic vending-style grocery store is set to be built this July and will begin operating shortly after.

The new store will be a result of a partnership between Eat Greater Des Moines (EGDM) and Oasis24seven. EGDM is a non-profit group and Oasis24seven specializes in vending machines. EGDM is responsible for bringing the project to fruition and hopes it will address the lack of quality food available in Des Moines.

The new store will use a conveyor belt for product delivery. SlideShare said the conveyor belt will make it possible to deliver fragile items like bread and eggs without destroying them like a traditional vending machine that drops items would.

The store will be about 260 square feet and could house up to 800 items. A large window in front will allow customers to see what is available for purchase. The entire store will be refrigerated and expired items will be removed from the system automatically.

I could definitely see this becoming the corner store of the future. You could place them near apartments, dorms, neighborhoods and more.

Walmart to Remove Confederate Clothes

Alexei Beltyukov also says that it looks as though the Confederate flag and its images will finally be where it belongs, as a thing of the past. The flag, which was used as a symbol of the south during the Confederacy, is being phased out of several places as of recent. Governor Nikki Haley from South Carolina has called for the Confederate flag to be removed from the state’s Capitol and several other states are making motions for the same. Now, according to the story on The Daily Mail, retail giant Walmart is making a move to get rid of their clothing with Confederate symbols on them.

Walmart has announced that all clothes that have the Confederate flag on them will be removed from their stores and not available for purchase online either. CNN asked retailers Walmart, Amazon, and eBay to remove all items with the Confederate flag on it. So far Walmart is the only company who has responded to the request.

The motion to remove the Confederate flag from places has come after the devastating shooting at a South Carolina church over the past weekend. The shooting was racially motivated and the suspected killer has been pictured with the Confederate flag, which he used as a symbol of his racist beliefs.

Amazon Desires FAA Rules For Airborne Deliveries

Amazon has announced for some time that it will experiment using drones to deliver packages. It has also announced that it supports the rules and regulations presented by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration regarding the commercial use of drones. What Amazon doe snot support is a patch work of various rules and regulations implemented by various towns regarding drone use where Amazon would be operating. Susan McGalla says the federal authorities have tried to keep up with the new technology and stay one step ahead of the commercial use of drones.

When Amazon announced the development of the drone service, many people were not convinced that the technology would work and thought it was a simple ploy for Amazon to gain attention. Amazon Supports FAA Regulations Regarding Drone Use However, the commercial application of drones, has proven not only to be viable but cost effective for some companies that are trying to save on fuel costs and other related transportation costs.

However, having to comply with thousands of different state and local government rules regarding drone traffic, could make the venture non viable. Amazon needs one set of regulations for their drone project to work and they need the state and local governments to cooperate. The FAA has no influence over the various state and local governments that could claim jurisdiction but could make suggestions but the it is left to the local jurisdiction to implement and enforce.

Investing in South America: The New Name in Finance

BRL Trust is an independent investment management company headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With over $4.5 billion in its portfolio, BRL has recently been named Brazil’s largest financial securities firm. The company offers services in a number of areas, including trust management, brokerage services, asset underwriting and mutual fund administration.

BRL Trust is a fairly young company, founded in 2005 with the mission of honestly providing private loans to hard working customers. As borrowers became more confident in BRL Trust’s ability to provide loans and offer sage investment advice, the company began to slowly diversify its offered services and expand year by year.

Ten years later, BRL Trust is one of the most trusted names in South American finance. A large corporation with segregated divisions to meet the needs of its customers’ diverse demands, the company strives to provide all of its customers, both personal and business, with the same quality of service that they gave at the outset. Their employees are carefully selected and highly trained. Customers are treated with the utmost respect. The company prides itself on handling a client’s money as if it were their own. 

BRL Trust has recently received enormous attention in the media because of their skilled management and completion of the construction of Arena Corinthians, one of the primary sports stadiums used in the 2014 World Cup. Though scheduled years in advance to be a key location for the World Cup, the arena project moved along slowly due to internal corruption of its previous management, and, four months prior to use, was still considered unusable by the Federacion Internacional de Football Association (FIFA). BRL Trust stepped in mere months before the arena was scheduled to be used and not only completed the project in record time, but made it one of the most prominent sports arenas in the world today.

With the upcoming 2016 Olympics set to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, there is no doubt that BRL will continue to prove their integrity and skillfulness in the undertaking of more investment projects like the Arena Corinthians. Wise financial eyes will continue to look toward the South. There’s a new world name in finance coming from Brazil.

Purina Helps Reestablish Confidence in Beneful Brand

One of the advertising campaigns people are talking about is Purina’s new campaign featuring associates who talk about why they make Beneful. This campaign was produced after allegations in a lawsuit questioned the safety and quality of the popular dog food. The associates appeared with their pets at the company’s Atlanta factory.

The associates featured in the campaign reassure the public that they recommend it with their familiarity with the manufacturing process, that no short cuts are taken, and they feed it to their own pets, as well. Originally, the campaign started out as employees showing support for Purina and Beneful internally. However, company executives were so impressed with their message that they decided to use it in their advertising.

In addition to a TV ad, there are also digital and newspaper ads. All of them feature the Atlanta employees, along with their pets. The campaign reached maximum exposure because of the newspaper ad’s original publication in the New York Times.

The lawsuit in question was filed in February of 2015. Company executives have pointed out the product’s safety and the fact that it has never been recalled. According to reports from Purina, 15 million dogs ate Beneful in 2014 alone. Beneful continues to be a popular leader among dog lovers.

Creflo Dollar The Jet-Setting Pastor Is Getting His New $65 Million Gulfstream Airplane

The Board Of World Changers Church International Said It Will Purchase The G650 Gulfstream From Donations Received From Church Memebrs

What wrong with churches today? Somehow the words of Jesus have been soaked in uncontrollable greed and uncompromising bigotry. Take Pastor Creflo Dollar for example. Dollar has thousands of followers around the world. He owns three mansions, two private jets and lives the life of a rock star. The members of the church donate more than $81 million a year to support his lavish lifestyle, and to hear his inflated ego profess his love of Christ.

When Dollar asked his followers to donate $300 each so he could purchase a new G650 Gulfstream aircraft, people around the world were outraged. The G650 happens to be one of the most popular planes for the super-rich. People at Amen Clinic ( asked how could a man of God spend that kind of money on a plane? Why not spend it on the homeless, the poor. Why not help make a difference in this world?

The answer is a simple one. Dollar is a scam-artist, and he is hiding behind a church. Dollar doesn’t use donations to make the world a better place. He uses donations to make HIS world a better place. He does it at the expense of his followers. It’s time to see Dollar for what he is. This Dollar is not worth two cents as a religious leader.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: A Passionate Plastic Surgeon, Author, And Educator

Dr. Rod Rohrich has an international reputation for being one of the most gifted plastic surgeons of all time. In addition to his career in plastic surgery, Rohrich is an author, innovator, and educator. He has made appearances on a variety of television shows, most notably The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, CNN, and Good Morning America. Along with television, the doctor is regularly featured in print media, including: Dallas Morning News, The New York Times, and theThe Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Rod Rohrich was born and raised in North Dakota on a ranch, where he later went on to earn his undergraduate and postgraduate education at North Dakota University and University of North Dakota. After that, the doctor continued his education and received a degree in medicine from Baylor College of Medicine. He continued his training in plastic surgery at The University of Michigan Medical Center and Oxford University. He even completed a fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital, then finally joined the Division of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas in 1986. Ever since then, his career in plastic surgery has taken flight.

Under the leadership as the chairman of the division, the gifted doctor helped UT Southwestern become one of the very first Departments of Plastic Surgery in the entire country, a monumental achievement indeed. Today, Dr. Rohrich is still a passionate educator and strives to equip the next generation of plastic surgeons with the best knowledge and training available. He is known for his unique ability to discover the most talented plastic surgeons and advise them in their chosen career paths.

In addition to his position at UT Southwestern, Rod Rohrich has published over 700 articles and 5 textbooks on plastic surgery. He has even served as the editor for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for the past decade. He currently serves as a member for many other plastic surgery committees as well. Rohrich continues to teach on the subject of plastic surgery as often as possible.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a busy educator, but that does not stop him from attending to his patients on a daily basis. A man with a true passion for his profession, he remains dedicated to his practice, and continues to provide his patients with corrective cosmetic surgery on the face and nose. He truly does care about his patients, and makes it a priority to attend to their needs as often as possible.

Wal-Mart Doubling Their Veteran Initiative Hiring Program

Wal-Mart is expanding their commitment to hire 100,000 veterans. Now the company says by the year 2020, they’ll hire 250,000 honorably discharged veterans.

According to the executive vice president for logistics, Chris Sultemeier, the skills veterans provide is extensive, and the company is very pleased with the 8,000 hires, some who they have already promoted.

“Veterans want to work. They show initiative and veterans are already disciplined and adept to teamwork. They’re committed with strong work ethics,” said Sultemeier, a former Army veteran. “Our expectations for our associates, and the teachings of the military creates a good match.”

Nate Waits, a former Marine, works at the Bentonville distribution center in Arkansas, and says he likes his early schedule and working a structured day.

After completing his active duty tour, Waits picked Arkansas to settle down because it was affordable, although the area offers limited employment opportunities. Waits says Wal-Mart’s veteran initiative can genuinely use his skills according to Adam Sender.

“I’d rather work hard for a company that wants me,” Waits said.

Amazingly Talented Businessman Haidar Barbouti Houston Restaurant A Booming Success

Houston Texas-based business investment icon Haidar Barbouti owns the prestigious Highland-Village Shopping Center. It has become a main highlight of Westheimer Road. Barbouti has managed numerous commercial real estates, especially in bustling Houston, Texas area. His specialty is in commercial acquisition development. Haidar has been managing commercial properties for over twenty years as a professional proprietor.

The unequaled success of Highland-Village Shopping Center is Barbouti’s best achievement. He took over ownership of the business in 1991. The original decades-old building has received a modern update since Barbouti became the broker and manager. He’s been involved in several international businesses but remains directly connected to the ones he’s acquired in the U.S. He brought his exquisite business designing models to the competitive U.S. market in 1986. He’s since added multiple enterprises to his portfolio of Barbouti family real estates. He’s got an eye for rich taste for commercial properties ranging from condominium conversions to shopping center development. Barbouti is an involved humanitarian with a particular focus on helping unfortunate animals and children. With his help, rehabilitation for both is possible. He’s donated resources and time to realize a better future for everyone.

His iconic shopping center Highland Village houses a variety of business, including the Up Restaurant owned by him. Among the collection are Crate and Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, Anthropologie and Pottery Barn. The restaurant mix includes RA Sushi-Bar, a Benihana concept variety, Escalante, and Smith and Wollensky. Barbouti is a known brand throughout the populous Houston community. He’s reserved retail space within the shopping mall to facilitate a full-service veterinary adoption center. Barbouti donates to other charitable events as well. He’s a respected businessman and humanitarian.

There’s the question of why Barbouti started a restaurant. He’s successfully managed the Up Restaurant, which is an epitome of Barbouti culture. His approach to management is a profound strategy that’s not explored by other restaurant business extraordinaire. He’s involved in the day-to-day operation of the spectacular Up Restaurant. It’s a stellar creation designed and based on Barbouti architecture. Barbouti runs the restaurant with high expectations to treat customers to exceptionally tasteful dishes. They’re prepared by professional, decorated 21st-century chefs. It’s no surprise that the extraordinarily famed Up Restaurant is doing so well. Barbouti seems to have the “Midas Touch.” Every business he pursues become a success. With his amazingly profound talent of reorganizing and restoring even the meanest looking properties, he promises endless possibilities.