Frugal Living: Yes, There Really Is A Free Cell Phone Plan

They say nothing in life is free, but of course, we know that’s not the case. There are freebies to be found everywhere. Even in the high priced world of cell phone plans, you can actually find a plan that is free. Yes, the free service is incredibly limited, but even bumping up to a decent plan will only run you $20 a month. That’s a steal by anybody’s definition.

According to this review, FreedomPop truly is a free mobile phone service. Here’s how it works. When you sign up for free service, you get a very basic plan. There is a zero monthly fee (that’s right, zero) plan that includes 200 minutes, 500 text messages, and 400 megs of data. Most people will get beyond that pretty quickly, and after the caps you are charged one cent per minute.

The best deal however, is to hop up to the unlimited monthly plan. FreedomPop offers unlimited talk, text and data for only $20 per month. The unlimited data is actually for real, except only the first GB is delivered at LTE speeds. After that, you are limited to Sprint’s 3G network. If you can live with those speeds, you can save some serious cash.

Another service FreedomPop offers is unlimited wi-fi for just five dollars a month. You access it via the FreedomPop App. Then you can log in to over 10 million hotspots, some exclusively for FreedomPop users. The number of hotspots is increasing too. By the end of April, FreedomPop plans to have over 25 million FreedomPop National Wi-Fi HotSpots available. Big companies like Starbucks, Burger King and Best Buy will be included in the network. At $5 per month, it is by far the lowest priced unlimited wi-fi plan on the market.

For those who want to live frugally, FreedomPop is a great alternative to traditional cell phone, data and wifi plans. You can save real cash by signing up. If you are serious about saving money, FreedomPop will allow you to get rid of your land line, your cable, and even your home internet. Check it out!

Airline Industry Ranks Poorly In 2015 Survey

As we rely on airports and airplanes as one of our largest means for transportation, a 2015 Airline Quality Rating study confirms that most people don’t like it. After reviewing the year 2014 in terms of flying, the study found that lost baggage and delays were overall a headache for most U.S. passengers. Unfortunately the survey trended towards the unconstructiveness of air travel in the U.S., with the overall consensus of survey takers that is incessantly getting worse.

Alexei Beltyukov researched and discovered that the survey was performed by Wichita State University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. In its 25th year, the study seeks to measure the quality of U.S. air travel in four diverse categories: on-time, involuntary denied boarding (better known as bumping), mishandled baggage, and customer complaints. In the most recent survey, it was determined that the airline industry has steadily declined in all four categories since 2009.

One of the most predominate statistics within the survey indicated that the average on-time arrival percentage dropped from 78.4% in 2013 to 76.2% last year. Mishandled or lost baggage was another staggering statistic, increasing from 3.21% to 3.62% per 1,000 passengers. The data clearly demonstrates the airline industry has some work to do to improve traveler ratings.

Although not all of the statistics listed within the survey are negative. Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Virgin America are all earning above average ratings when it comes to overall performance and customer satisfaction.

Teaching Kids About Your Family Budget

Teaching the children about the value of money is necessary. But how to do that? Several families have shared their experiences of teaching kids about their financial situation. Some of the parents show the kids how much their school costs and let them be at the computer when the money is sent online.

The kids know that one school day is as expensive as a lego set and their parents wan them to understand that they are privileged to be in a private school. The most extreme lesson was that given by Mr Parker, who asked for his salary in one-dollar bills. It took a day’s work at the bank to gather 10,000 bills, and getting home with the huge bags looked like he had robbed a bank, the kids later confessed.

Folks at Bulletproof Coffee (  have learned that, together, the family counted the expenses and the hobby-money, for educational purposes. The psychologists say that the children start to understand the power of money long before they can calculate them. Lack of financial education in the family leads to students finishing colleges with an English degree and in debt. The technique that you choose to make your family budget know to the kids depends on you, but in the long run, the information proves helpful.

Visual Search Bringing Products To The Eye of the Beholder

With all the talk of ever more data flowing through our mobile devices, questions of how it can be used begin to arise. Advances in the science of computer vision are beginning to reach the point where, with the help of a camera, your devices will know where you can pick up that pair of shoes you keep seeing worn out and about. Retailers as a result are having to reorganize the way they advertise and sell products. Previously socially-based photo platforms become an instant marketing platform overnight, with products visible to image recognition technologies. The increased online visibility of people becomes free advertising through a variety of mediums. With the changes in industries as a result of image recognition on every camera carried around today, many new services and offerings are becoming available for people at both consumer and business level.

As visual search becomes more a part of daily life, moments of inspiration don’t go unfulfilled, and advances in the technology are shaping up to become a huge game changer throughout multiple fields. One area sure to be effected by image recognition is commerce, where brand recognition and image recognition combine to create a synthesis of shopping that promises to change the way you buy things, and interact with the world and others. Advanced uses of convolutional neural network knowledge have led to breakthrough progress in the field of image recognition. In fact, the abilities of these technologies is rapidly approaching that of humans.

One of the teams leading the field of visual search services is Slyce, a group working with a number of large retailers to reshape the way people interact with their products as well as offering tools for the companies that create them. As a visual search provider Slyce is using image recognition to enable businesses to connect with clients better, using a stream of images to determine accurate product matches. For consumers they aim at providing people an enhanced way to shop for their favorite items, and giving them the information they need to get what they want, when they want it. As the technology of image recognition becomes ubiquitous in many facets of people’s lives, the question of what commerce will look like in a few years is getting to be an exciting one, with photography and computers coming together in what appears to be a nascent revolution in the way people buy things.

BRL Trust 101

In this contemporary era, people are more concerned than ever about securing sound financial futures for themselves. While there are many ways you can put this process in motion, building wealth through investing practices can be a particularly effective way to make it happen. If you’re new to the world of investing or are simply interested in attaining professional assistance with your investment ventures, you should know that BRL Trust may be able to help. To gain more information regarding this investment company, review this quick reference guide:

BRL Trust 101

As an investment company that opened its doors in 2005, BRL Trust is all about operating in excellence and integrity. Because of the investment company’s commitment to these values, it had substantive success during its first year of operation, acquiring more than 100 loans. As the company grew, it began to offer services in new investment sectors including Mergers and Acquisitions and Capital Markets. BRL Trust also offers clients services in Administration and Management of Investment Funds.

A Contemporary, Customer-Centered Approach

BRL Trust is a successful investment firm for many reasons, one of which is that the company maintains a contemporary outlook regarding its line of work. As with every other industry, the world of investing is subject to constant change. As such, investment professionals who want to be relevant and ensure that their clients attain the best financial assistance possible must maintain a contemporary approach by remaining up to speed on emerging trends within the industry. BRL Trust does this very thing, and its commitment to staying “in the know” has played an integral role in making it a premier, productive, and progressive investment company. Additionally, BRL Trust places primacy on maintaining a customer-centered methodology towards the investment sector. Specifically, the company believes in remaining fully cognizant of the needs and preferences of its clients so that it can offer personalized services that are conducive towards financial growth while simultaneously ensuring that the customer is 100% satisfied with the process.

What The Company Offers

BRL Trust provides clients with numerous investment services, including funds management, funds custody, resource management, and asset underwriting.


People who are ready to start securing substantive wealth and a strong financial future should know that attaining professional assistance can help them get started in this endeavor. To get started, contact BRL Trust to find out how they can assist you in your journey towards ever-increasing financial freedom.

Google Launches New ‘Google Store’ For Hardware Purchases

Google has a new store for selling all its stuff. In conjunction with the launch of its new Chromebook Pixel computer, the technology giant unveiled the Google Store. Previously, hardware purchases from the company were made through Google Play, the same place customers might go to download an app or a new piece of music. Now, hardware purchases like the Chromebook Pixel and Nexus phones and tablets will instead be made through a hardware-specific store.

Ricardo Tosto says that customers can buy everything from phones to accessories for Google Glass from the store. There are also a number of covers and replacement cables available for Google’s existing hardware. As a welcome gift, right now everything purchased from the new storefront will be shipped to you for free. Don’t expect that deal to stick around for too long, however. And, if you purchased something from google Play before the transition when down, don’t fret – Google plans to process all of its previously Google Play orders as normal, so you’ll definitely get your stuff.

Save Money & Be Healthy With Advice From Daniel Amen

Daniel Amen, MD has become a leading proponent of better diets for overall health. He knows that the people who are struggling to make it every month are going to have a hard time eating well. He has come up with a diet plan that is going to help people make the most of the budget they have to work with. Don’t forget to check out his writings for the Huffington Post or one of his bestselling books.

Simplify Everything

When Daniel Amen speaks about this diet, he is talking about simplifying everything. He wants the poor to understand that their diet does not have to be that complex. They can make a few simple changes to make sure that they are healthy.

Water And Skim Milk

Many people think that skim milk does not taste good, but a reduced intake of skim milk is going to help people remain healthy. Also, drinking more water is going to help to keep the family healthy. Daniel Amen knows that skim milk is the same price as regular milk, and he knows that people can use it just the same. Simply drinking water from the tap regularly will allow people to have cleaner systems.

Fruits And Vegetables

People can buy frozen fruits and vegetables so that they can cut down on the costs of purchasing them. They can store these items for months, but they will still have all the nutrients that they need. People should not avoid fruits and vegetables simply because the fresh versions are expensive.


The grains that Daniel Amen says will help are all very cheap. There are many grains such as barley that are so inexpensive that people can buy them in bulk over and over again without feeling the effects in their budget. These grains are very filling, and each bag has many servings in it. This is important so that people can maximize their budgets.

When people need help trying to stay healthy, they need to take a look at Daniel Amen’s diet. This diet is going to make it much easier for kids to do well in school, adults to do well at work and for the poor to remain healthy.

For more from Daniel Amen, you can follow him on Twitter. Also check out this video where he talks about the best foods for your brain!

Jones set to close 127 stores

The women’s clothing retailer Jones New York has announced plans for a major overhaul of the brand that will include the closing of all 127 outlets the company operates around the US, reports. The supplier of work wear and sportswear is featured in malls and outlet stores across the northeast and in many other areas of the US, but will now begin winding down its operations in physical locations across the country. It remains unclear about the fate of the Online and other operations of the brand, which include a dedicated website and sales of clothing in other department stores and sports stores.

A spokesperson for the brand and the Morins stated a review of operations had taken place before the final decision was made to restructure the operations with the closure of the physical locations. Jones New York will continue to ship clothing and accessories to the majority of their stores until Summer 2015, when the closure of the stores will commence.

Gone With a Flush


When you think about toilet paper, you probably think about simply throwing it down the toilet. One suggestion is to make bigger cardboard rolls and smaller pieces of paper. This is an idea that would waste money for those who use a large amount of toilet paper. On the other hand, it might make people realize how much they use on a daily basis, saving paper in the long run. When you go to the store, look at the toilet paper section, and you will see that some companies have started using less paper and more packaging and cardboard that you aren’t able to use. One idea is to pull apart the sheets so that you can have twice as much paper, and you will spend less money on the paper that you get. Marc Sparks, a notable saver, showed me this technique. Sometimes, it seems like all people do is flush money down the drain.

Herald the Avengers Toys!

Toy collectors, young and old, have something new to look forward to. Toys from the new Avengers film are headed for store shelves. New versions of Iron Man and Captain America along with the Hulkbuster suit are soon to be flooding into retail stores. I will be looking on Zoominfo for more information about these superhero toys.

Should this come as a surprise?

Toys based on superheroes have been perennial big sellers, especially with my friend Berardo Chua. Anyone who remembers the Mego fad of the 1970’s or the Secret Wars toys of the 1980’s or the Fox Spider-Man action figures of the 1990’s will attest to this. Nowadays, superhero toys are among the biggest of the big sellers thanks to the wild popularity of superhero films. With Avengers: Age of Ultron shaping up to be the summer event of 2015, it is no surprise that a major push to promote toys related to the film is beginning.

Some may wonder why the toys are hitting stores in the winter when the film does not come out until May. The answer is you want the toys in place on shelves as quickly as possible. That way, once the mania for the new film swirls, the toys will be bought up.

The toys also serve as a promotional tool for the film. Just like the long-forgotten concept of lobby cards, toys are used to catch the eyes of people walking in and out of retail stores. The presence of the toys helps keep the hype for the movie alive albeit in a low-key manner.

The toys are also critical to the financial success of the film. Without additional revenue from toy sales, $200 million films with $100 million marketing campaigns would never be financially solvent.