Brad Reifler Has Some Ideas For Your Investing

Sometimes in investing we all need to take a step back and listen to what someone else has to say on the matter. When we take the time to listen like this, we are often surprised to learn something new that we had not previously considered. It can be a great learning experience, and it is a good reason to take note of the Reuters news report that featured Brad Reifler’s five stock market tips.

1. Understand Your Risks- Do you think that your money is entirely safe in an investment? If that is the impression you have built up in your head, then you are probably wrong. Most investments have at least some element of risk to them. Understanding those risks helps to make you a better investor. Brad Reifler understands them and it’s important that you pay attention to these things too. Seeing everything through rose-colored glasses is a dangerous strategy.

2. You Should Worry About Your Money- Reifler’s second tip insists that anyone who says that money is not something you should concern yourself with too much probably doesn’t have a lot of money. It is a constant concern and something that all should be worried about. Know what potential dangers lurk around every corner.

3. The Stock Market Is Just One Investment Type- Not all of your money should be flowing into the stock market. The market can go up and down quite violently at times. You should be aware of this and take advantage of the opportunity to diversify your holdings whenever possible. This is something that Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital Management do for their clients.

4. Know Your Money Manager- There are numerous money managers out there. It is your responsibility to get to know the one who is going to be in charge of your money. If you do not know your manager, you are already taking on too much risk.

5. Understand Why You Are Investing- Having specific goals in mind makes anyone more results driven and understanding of why they are doing what it is that they are doing.

Finishing My Christmas Shopping on Eater

Buying the perfect gifts for the people in your life can definitely be a challenge. That’s why has put together a list that will make it easier for you to get the tasty presents your friends and family want this year.

Ambessa teas have partnered with chef Marcus Samuelsson to create a line of beverages that are spicy and sweet. The green tea has been combined with lingonberry for a tangy and sweet taste. There’s even an earl of Harlem tea, which is a spicier version of the classic earl gray tea.

If your loved ones are into savory teas, Numi has a selection you won’t want to pass up. The teas are available in flavors like cilantro and fennel, and taste a lot like quality vegetable stock. It’s like you’re drinking a cup of warm vegetable soup–which is perfect for those cold and snowy winter days that I know Lee G. Lovett could use for warming up.

There are also techie gifts that you won’t want to pass up. The Egg Minder is a practical gift for an avid baker, since it sends notifications when eggs are running low or going bad. The aroma fork is another great gift that gives off pleasant food odors during a meal. This could make a great gift for a picky eater.

The Price of Gas Falls Below $2.00

The price of gas has long been a concern throughout the world, as prices have seemingly gone up and up to no end. But if you have been concerned with the price of gas lately like Dr. Daniel Amen, you may not have to worry about that for a while. 

About two weeks ago the price of gas was high, but now the US is experiencing lower gas prices. This weekend many drivers were pleased to find out that certain states are selling gas at a lower prices. Some at prices less than $2.00 per gallon. 

With Christmas drawing near many have felt extra blessed with these lowered gas rates. According to one website, gas prices in around 13 states are experiencing a drop in prices. Thanks to Gasbuddy you can find out the nearest location with a gas station that provides gas at less than $2.00 per gallon.

Some of the states with the lowest gas prices include Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Missouri, Mississippi, Indiana, Colorado, Arizona, and Alabama. If you happen to be on a road trip and pass through these states, fill up in these states for less than $2.00 a gallon.

Many might be wondering why the decline in gas prices. According to media sources the economic decline in Europe and Asia and the increase in fuel friendly vehicles that are being manufactured have played roles in the downward spiral of fuel prices.

Break Up The Big Banks and Expand Social Security Says Bernie

Senator Bernie Sanders, an Independent Senator from Vermont spoke about his plans to push progressively to break up the largest Wall Street Banks and expand Social Security for all Americans, including BRL Trust,  in a speech he presented to the U.S. Senate on Monday.

The Senator said it is time to break up too-big-to-fail banks since Congress is unable to regulate Wall Street. These policy ideas are necessary to make the U.S. economy a system that is stable and meets the needs of the working people.

The ability of Wall Street lobbyists to actually write provisions for our nation’s laws is just too dangerous to our financial stability and way of life. Wall Street lobbyists are not elected to serve the American people and should not have legislative powers.

Senator Sanders also discussed the income limit on the Social Security payroll tax which is 117,000 dollars per year. Billionaires and millionaires are paying the same into the national retirement system as working class Americans. He recommended raising the income cap to 250,000 dollars per year to expand Social Security. This increase is also endorsed by many economists.

Lifting the cap on Social Security will strengthen the economic outlook for the aging population and insure that the popular program is adequately funded.

It is not expected that the ideas of Senator Bernie Sanders will win with this congress. His powerful presentation told the American people that these changes are truly possible when a different congress is elected in 2016.

Online Merchants Ravaged by Amazon Pricing Glitch

Amazon shoppers cashed in big time last Friday night between 7 and 8pm. The online behemoth shopping site experienced a software glitch which marked products down to as low as 1p each.

According to an article on Apple Insider, the glitch was caused by a program which is intended to allow merchants to offer the very lowest prices for their goods. The online sellers got way more than they bargained for when prices unexpectedly dropped. Merchandise included electronics, house wares, games and more.

Some sellers incurred losses up to £100,000 or more. Coming at a time when sales and profits should be at an all time high, this is likely to be more than enough to push some sellers to the brink of bankruptcy.

A large number of orders were unable to be cancelled after they had been marked as dispatched in the ordering system. Even the orders which were able to be cancelled will have a negative impact on the seller’s ratings online, a key factor in driving sales.

Tweets from excited customers triggered a buying bonanza. Comments such as “spend 80p on Amazon … for a few thousand pounds value … Loads of things are 1p … Hacked” incited a rampage of buying which absolutely trampled unfortunate sellers.

Lower Gas Prices Are Providing Extra Pocket Change This Holiday Season

Goldman Sachs Claims Lower Fuel Prices Amount To A $125 Billion Savings This Season

Middle-class Americans are already feeling the effects of lower gas prices. The average price of gas around the country is $2.67 a gallon. That’s a five-year low. Most gas pundits believe prices will continue to fall thanks to a weaker demand in the U.S., and the fact that Saudi Arabia refuses to reduce its current rate of production. The good news is Triple A expects gas prices to drop even further. My friend work at the Amen Clinic and is taking advantage of the decreased fuel prices and says at least for now, he’s enjoying being able to come home for lunch. Some experts say prices could drop by 32% this year, and that means an average price of $2.50 at the pump.

Goldman Sachs claims lower gas prices are equivalent to a massive tax break for American consumers. Not only that, the economy will reap a huge reward from the additional consumer spending this holiday season. While Congress fights over who should turn the lights on or off at the White House, Americans are enjoying a $1 billion savings in energy costs annually thanks to crude oil prices.

If the lower prices stick around next year, Americans could save at least $100 billion. That means more money to save or spend on items that are needed in this time of subtle, but jaw-dropping inflation. But all that glitters may not be gold for some Americans. Jobs will be lost, and businesses will fail if they depend on oil and gas companies for fiscal survival.

Black Friday in America

Retail stores opened for Black Friday, as early as Thursday evening. Shoppers did not have to wait until midnight or early in the morning to shop. As a result, this year the mall’s were not as packed and there was less chaos. Retail stores offered the same price for longer periods of time. In previous years, certain sales were only valid for a couple of hours. Shoppers are purchasing online at a higher rate than ever. This year’s Black Friday shopping was done on Thursday evening and online.

Black Friday has always been characterized as a day in which there is retail madness. The stores are packed and the lines are long. Shoppers usually have to wake up really early and take advantage of the morning deals. Retail stores by offering extended hours and opening earlier, were able to create a calm environment this year. Many people chose to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, and those who wanted to shop went shopping. the totally connected Dave and Brit Morin noted that by allowing people to shop in a wider time frame, it resulted in a better experience for everyone. Stores did not have lines, and there were plenty of deals. In  addition, the totally connected Dave and Brit Morin noted that many of the deals are offered online and with free shipping. Shoppers were able to make their purchases at their convenience. Retail stores may have looked empty on Black Friday, but retail stores are still making money. Black Friday continues until Friday night.

FreedomPop: Unleash the Freedom of Free Wireless, for Yourself Today

FreedomPop, is the exciting new free wireless internet and mobile phone provider, in the USA. The company, based out of Los Angeles California, sells tablets, mobile phones and broadband devices. While it is still a new company, founded in 2011. FreedomPop, is already starting to get a lot of attention from the TechCrunch and other industry publications.

In 2013 FreedomPop, partnered with Sprint (and is rumored to be acquired by Sprint), to begin providing 3G and 4G wireless mobile service. With FreedomPop, you can even bring your own Sprint system compatible phone, to the service. This year, FreedomPop, began offering free 4G data, voice and text service to cell phone and tablet users. This year, they have also, introduced their own line, of inexpensive smartphones and tablets. International free calling, is also a service available through FreedomPop as well.

Through FreedomPop, you can get high quality Samsung smartphones. Phones, like the Samsung Victory 4G LTE and Galaxy S4, are available through FreedomPop. You can, even get an extra secure Galaxy S2 phone, with highly upgraded security features added. Features for this phone, include VPN for encrypted voice, and online security.

Enjoy high speed internet on the go, wherever you need, with mobile hot spots from FreedomPop. They are pocket sized, easy to carry, and easy to use. They have the advantage, of being able to establish a quick high speed internet hotspot, when and where you need it, for your family or business needs. You can even use, up to eight WiFi devices, on one of these mobile broadband Freedom Spot device. Enjoy full LTE speed, and all of the flexibility and benefits of mobile internet, all for free, with these mobile broadband hot spots.
Through FreedomPop, you can also get, the very popular HTC EVO 4G smartphone, as well. Enjoy the full range of capability, of this popular and exciting smartphone, with your FreedomPop service. The excitement and popularity, is only going to grow for these smartphones, and great free service.

FreedomPop, is the first wireless data provider, dedicated to providing complete and free service. You can even decide, to completely replace your home internet access, and your high cell phone bill, with FreedomPop. FreedomPop, uses the latest LTE technology, to bring you the best in wireless service, and all for free. FreedomPop, is an exciting new company, that is sure to get even more attention, in the coming months. With great service, a wonderful range of products, and availability on Google Play, who can resist giving FreedomPop a try. For those who are looking for an unlimited plan, FreedomPop also has that too.

So, check out this exciting new company and service today. Bring your own existing phone, or buy a new one, to use with this great new service. Set up your own, wireless mobile broadband hot spot today, and bring this super fast internet to all of your WiFi devices. Enjoy all, of the exciting and wonderful benefits, of FreedomPop wireless service, all for free today. Unleash the exhilarating freedom, and enjoy the many possibilities of wireless for yourself today.

China’s Biggest Shopping Day

China’s biggest shopping day really created some awesome revenues for the big companies in China. The company that really made headlines was the ever popular and well known Alibaba Group. BuzzFeed reported that the Alibaba Group brought in over $9 billion dollars in revenue. This is amazing for a company to really make in just one day.

This Chinese shopping day was created by Alibaba’s CEO. It is easy to see why Alibaba is benefiting from this shopping day. Chinese expert Keith Mann explained that this day would be equitable to American’s Cyber Monday. China’s shopping day is much bigger than Cyber Monday however, making it the biggest shopping day in the world according to world revenues. It really looks like the Chinese marketplace is becoming more and more of a world super power in this global economy. It will be amazing to see the growth of this Chinese shopping day and what it brings in the future.

Closing the Doors

When so many businesses plan to open on Thanksgiving, one company, according to CNN, Costco is planning on letting its employees stay home and be with family the entire day. Companies should follow along with the ideas of Costco in giving their employees the day off. If the business wants to open, then consider opening in the morning so that everyone can be home in time for dinner. There will be enough madness at stores the day after Thanksgiving, so workers should get a chance to rest while they can.

Many grocery stores will open on Thanksgiving morning, but they close by noon or one in the afternoon. Stores want to make as much money as possible. I’m definitely siding with my neighbor Susan McGalla on this one, the almighty dollar has taken over the family life of people who work in retail. When work interferes with spending time with your loved ones on a holiday and a store can’t take one or two days off during the year, there is something wrong.